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    Tuesday, March 28, 2006

    More on the Immigration Situation: A Little About the Protest Supporters

    Gateway Pundit reports that "[t]he Mexican Government is running full page ads on US immigration policy in at least three major US newspapers this week."(1) In short, the government of Mexico is demanding a voice in how the government of the People of these United States decides immigration policy.

    Gateway Pundit, in another article, also shed some light on Enrique Morones, organizer of the massive immigrant protests this past week across the country . . . [who] is a member of the radical Buenas Noches Border control group."(2) This group encourages violence against American citizens who volunteer to watch the border for illegal crossings. Among their goals is the dissolution of the Southern border altogether.

    My own research also turned up some information that might interest you. "Faced with immigration legislation that could criminalize undocumented workers and those who help them -- including union organizers -- and deny workers permanent residence in the U.S., the nation's two labor federations and their allies have launched mass protests and lobbying for positive immigration reform. Demonstrations began March 10 with a 400,000-person march in Chicago's Loop. And the AFL-CIO, Change to Win, La Raza Unida, LULAC, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and others will build up to a mass march in D.C. during a "National Day of Action" on April 10, leaders told a D.C. press conference on March 22." [emphasis added](3) Please note the involvement of La Raza Unida. This is a reputedly radical political movement founded by Jose Angel Gutierrez(4), who is a professor at the University of Texas in Arlington, who is noteworthy for making the statement, "We have an aging white America. . . . They are dying. . . . They are [in] fear! I love it! We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, WE HAVE GOT TO KILL HIM."(5)

    Make of that what you will. I'm sure it doesn't reflect the views of all Latinos, but La Raza Unida's involvement, given this statement by its founder, should put these protests under new scrutiny.

    (1) Gateway Pundit. "Mexico's Controversial Immigration Ads Hit US Newspapers," Gateway Pundit, 2006 March 27, (last accessed 2006 March 28).
    (2) Ibid. "Immigrant Protest Organizer Morones Gets Wacky on O'Reilly," (last accessed 2006 March 28).
    (3) Gruenberg, Mark, "United Federations, Allies Launch Mass Protests on Immigration" (PAI)International Labor Communications Association,
    (last accessed 2006 March 27).

    (4) "A Brief History of La Raza Unida," Partido Nacional de la Raza Unida Website, (last accessed 2006 March 28).
    (5) Blackhorse. "JOSE ANGEL GUTIERREZ - LEADER OF AZTLAN/COLLEGE PROF,", 2005 March 21, Immigration/US Borders, (citing: Gutierrez, Jose Angel. "AZTLAN members speechesUniv.Calif.- Rive," Calif. Coalition for Immigration Reform (Prop.187 co-author), 2005 March 20, (last accessed 2006 March 28) [Does anyone have a full, published, transcript of these speeches? --RoS]


    Blogger David Schantz said...

    This is no longer a matter of some illegal aliens crossing our border looking for a better life. Our country is being invaded.

    God Bless America, God Save The Republic

    3/29/2006 10:24 PM  

    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Great stuff. But there's a typo at end of 2nd paragraph about the "disillusion" of the border. The word you want is "dissolution."

    3/29/2006 11:59 PM  

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