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    Friday, March 24, 2006

    The Bush Administration is Blind to Security Threats Posed by China and Chinese Companies

    There was a waiver published in the Federal Register noting "that China will not be held responsible for its continued proliferation of weapons. These weapons include sales of advanced Chinese cruise missile and ballistic missile technology to the mullahs of Iran. The move by the Bush administration removes the required punishment against Beijing."

    In other news, there are some "3,000 Chinese army companies operating inside the U.S. . . These Chinese army-owned firms engage in a wide range of criminal activities including espionage, theft, illegal exports, extortion, tax evasion, computer hacking and even violence. Many of the firms participate in illegal arms sales, and several have been caught trying to sell weapons to terrorists. . . according to federal law, the Bush administration should be publishing a list of the known [People's Liberation Army]-owned firms each year. Instead, just as the Clinton administration did before George Bush, the current White House ignores the law and refuses to release the list of known offenders."

    "In addition, China has engaged in a financial war against America with its freely operating banking system that allowed North Korea to launder hundreds of millions of dollars in counterfeit currency. The effort to siphon fake $100 bills into America was led by the Bank of China (BOC), a financial entity controlled by the communist government. . . The Bush administration has pulled its punches on the Chinese banks and money laundering. The Bush administration applied tough sanctions against North Korea for printing fake $100 bills. However, no such sanctions have been applied to any Chinese financial institution or entity for fear of angering the boys in Beijing."

    Finally, "the Bush administration is hiring a Hong Kong conglomerate [Hutchison Whampoa] to help detect nuclear materials inside cargo passing through the Bahamas to the United States and elsewhere. . . Hutchison Whampoa is the world's largest ports operator . . . its billionaire chairman, Li Ka-Shing, also has substantial business ties to China's government that have raised U.S. concerns over the years."

    A bit of advice to our government in general and the Bush administration in particular: Chinese companies that have strong ties to the Chinese government are a security threat. Often, they are controlled by the Chinese military, which has the potential (as stated by the Chinese government) to be force hostile to Taiwan, Japan, and, by extension, the United States. Do not deal with China. How they treat their own people is an indicator of how they would treat us if they could. They think nothing of conquering Taiwan, an independent nation.

    Our entire government has underestimated the credible threat posed by China for at least the last ten years. It is time we rectified this situation. I would like to suggest that the Bush administration officials who have been aiding and abetting the tyrants of Beijing be removed from office -- immediately.

    Thanks to Charles R. Smith for drawing my attention to this.

    An article on this topic can be found online at:


    I have written a lot about China. Here are a few stories from last year and the year before that should give you an idea of how bad China really is and why we shouldn't be dealing with them:

    ---------Japan takes over lighthouse on island claimed by the People's Republic of China: Revisionist History In Action?
    ---------Japan wary of emerging China
    ---------Tyrants of Beijing and their Apologists Continue to Blame Japan for Sino-Japanese Tensions: PRC has unhealthy fixation on Yasukuni Shrine
    ---------People's Republic of China has accelerated the deployment of missiles against Taiwan to 120 a year
    ---------China offended by Japan's plans to defend Japanese territory
    ---------International Press Attempts to Portray China's Stance on Taiwan as 'Softening'
    ---------Taiwan Urges U.S. to Speak Against China Law
    ---------China-Japan frictions moving to military field
    ---------China, Taiwan Bicker Over Invitation to Bush Inauguration
    ---------Death of Purged Leader Prompts Fresh Calls for imperialist China to Democratize
    ---------China, declares that Taiwan independence advocates pose "a realistic threat"
    ---------Japan, Taiwan, China: Beijing threatens retaliation over visit
    ---------Stopping Taiwan independence is the sacred duty of the Chinese military forces
    ---------Imperialist China Brazenly and Publicly Threatens to Employ its Military to Crush Taiwan
    ---------Taiwan Uneasy About China's Plans for 'Anti-Secession' Law


    Anonymous Jake Porter said...

    I agree with you, China has some of the worst human rights violations imaginable and our government has refused to say anything to them about it.

    We justify attacking countries that harm their population but continue to supply this oppression in China.

    3/26/2006 9:10 AM  

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    --Samuel Adams

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