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    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Americans Have Had Enough -- Concerned Citizens Drain Desert Water Tanks Intended For Illegal Immigrants

    Judging by their own actions, a group of people called "Humane Borders" sees fit to leave clearly marked water tanks for the express purpose of making it easier for illegal immigrants to cross the desert.(1) They make the claim that "border crossers are innocent, crossing in search of a better life."(2) Humane Borders' claim is unsupported and, in any case, is not true. Some border-crossers may be only crossing to work, but they still know that they are breaking the law. Let that sink in: they know they are breaking the law. What does that make them? Lawbreakers. In his own words, illegal immigrant Laureano Miranda "We've heard that there are soldiers and armed 'migrant hunters,' but we have to try," he said. "If we don't make it [across the U.S. border] in three tries, then we'll go back home."(3)

    In addition to these allegedly peaceful lawbreakers, it is known that violent criminals also cross the border illegally. An immigration activist "says Humane Borders is helping illegal immigrants, some he calls criminals, cross the border safely. These are robbers, rapists, murders. [Setting up water stations] is simply aiding and abetting criminal activity"(4) This immigration activist's statement is correct. You may recall some of my earlier research:

    One thing that annoys me is that the sheer scale of the crime associated with illegal immigration is simply ignored in most of the major coverage. "While the news reporters talked about illegal workers who perform jobs Americans refuse to perform, they continue to avoid mentioning the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who prey on men, women and children -- US citizens. It is these innocent Americans who are murdered, raped and robbed because of an insane immigration policy. Criminal aliens are entering the US in the tens of thousands and remaining here as they join violent gangs such as MS-13, or they choose to commit their mayhem solo."

    And for those of you who say that it is unfair to associate the violent beasts comprising MS-13 with "honest" hard-working illegal immigrants, consider the following: "The violent MS-13 -- or Mara Salvatrucha -- street gang is following the migratory routes of illegal aliens across the country, FBI officials say, calling the Salvadoran gang the new American mafia." For those of you who are unaware of this group of two-legged beasts, "MS-13 -- the focus of a nationwide crackdown by FBI and federal immigration agents -- has become known in recent years for home invasion robberies, drug dealing and machete attacks on its enemies. . . [and even] could be far more dangerous than thought [apparently employing extremely well-honed paramilitary tactics and using military-grade weaponry]."(5)

    The fact is that the American People don't want illegal immigrants here. We have laws to keep them out. We get annoyed when the laws aren't enforced. We have reached the end of our rope. We are sick of our government doing nothing. People go out and put water stations up to help illegal aliens cross. This has to stop. The people from Humane Borders say that each week, they find "at least one or more of their 70 water tanks vandalized, an act these volunteers say can kill. If they're planning on getting their water at that location and they get there and there's no water, then the next time they could get water could be not before they die,"(6)

    I would like to turn this insane idea on its head. If illegal immigrants are counting on those water stations, it is because the people who wish to aid and abet their unlawful behavior put them there. There are always illegal immigrants who will cross the border. The only ones who will die specifically because the water stations are removed are those who decided to cross or decided not to carry enough water specifically because they knew of the water stations. So, it could be said that Humane Borders is causing the deaths of illegal immigrants who were relying on their water stations because, if not for them, they would not have chosen to cross in the way that they did.

    (1) Lyon, Amber. "Vandals drain desert water tanks intended for illegal immigrants," KVOA News 4, Tuscon, Arizona, 2006 June 14, (last accessed 2006 June 14)
    (2) Ibid. At paragraph 15.
    (3) Rodriguez, Olga R. "Troops Reducing Illegal Border Crossings" (AP), The Houston Chronocle, World News, 2006 June 12, paragraph 24,
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    (5) The Sovereign Editor, "The Mexican/Latino Invasion Finally Reaches the Front Pages," Sovereign Commentary, 2006 March 28, paragraphs 6-7,, citing: Kouri, Jim. "The Illegal Immigration Reform Scam," Men's News Daily, 2006 March 27,; Ward, Jon. "Gang follows illegal aliens," The Washington Times, Metropolitan, 2005 May 05,; and Johnson, Kevin. "MS-13 gang growing extremely dangerous, FBI says," USA Today, 2006 January 05,
    (6) Lyon at paragraphs 9-10.

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    Blogger Hoodlum said...

    This comment has been removed by the author.

    9/04/2006 3:32 AM  

    Blogger The Sovereign Editor said...

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    9/05/2006 7:21 PM  

    Blogger The Sovereign Editor said...

    As also is clearly stated in Leviticus, "You are not to cut off the hair at the sides of your head or mar the edge of your beard."(1)

    Or perhaps I should point out something a little more relevant to the topic at hand. For example, "Your male and female slaves are to be from the nations around you; you may purchase male and female slaves. You may also purchase them from the foreigners staying with you, or from their families living among you -- those born in your land. These may become your property. You may leave them to your sons after you to inherit as property; you can make them slaves for life."(2) Maybe I should bear this in mind the next time I encounter human traffickers, so long as they are trading in foreigners (or their children) who are domiciled in America. Since Leviticus says that such behavior is okay, I should just look the other way when I encounter it, right?

    I'd really rather not.

    As for the exact verse used in the criticism of my article, it reads as follows:

    "You must regard the foreigner who lives with you as the native-born among you. You are to love him as yourself, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt; I am the LORD your God."(3)

    Any application of this verse to illegal immigrants is a fallacy. The Hebrews were legal immigrants in Egypt. Joseph was a Governor of Egypt and gave the Hebrews permission to settle there.(4) Legal immigrants are guests. Illegal immigrants are gatecrashers. There is a difference. Guests with courtesy. Gatecrashers are arrested as trespassers, just as any other lawbreaker would be.

    (1) Lev. 19:27
    (2) Lev. 25:44-46
    (3) Lev. 19:34
    (4) Gen. 45:9-11

    9/05/2006 8:02 PM  

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    --Samuel Adams

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