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    Monday, May 22, 2006

    The Mexican State is Hypocritical -- Ignore Them

    The people running the Mexican government are hypocrites They insist that illegal immigrants from Mexico be accorded the same treatment as United States nationals, and even threaten to sue if American civilians "break the law" while attempting to discourage Mexicans from coming across the border without permission.(1) Mexican President Vicente Fox has even stated that it is his intention to use international law and United States law to ensure that American civilian organizations dedicated to stopping illegal immigration "will not have any opportunity to progress."(2) Additionally, the Mexican government actually published a 36 page, comic-book-style "Guide for the Mexican Migrant."(3) "Using color drawings and simple text, the booklets warn migrants of the dangers of crossing in desert and mountain areas. They include basic dos and don'ts, such as adding salt to water to avoid dehydration and never to resist arrest or carry drugs."(4)

    From all of this, the a neutral observer might get the impression that the Mexican government is trying to encourage illegal immigration to the United States. And that being the case, why should we let anything the Mexican government says have an impact on our policy decisions where immigration is concerned? Mexicans wax philosophical about human rights where illegal Mexican immigrants are concerned, but don't think for a minute that anything they say on this issue reflects what they really think about human rights and illegal immigration. They just take that position in relation to the United States to solve some political , economic, or social problem in their own country (if they gained from keeping people from leaving their country illegally, the principle of rational self interest dictates that they would do so).

    At this point, I think I should reiterate something about how Americans feel about immigration. No one should confuse our desire that that illegal immigration be stopped, and that immigrants speak English and learn our customs with xenophobia, racism, or anti-immigration feelings in general. Contrary to popular belief (at least a belief held by pro-illegal immigration factions in the press, academia, the government, and the international community), we actually like immigrants. Immigrants can achieve great things in these United States -- even become the governor of a state. We do, however, have certain rules that immigrants must follow to enter this country and become citizens. And We the People get very annoyed when these rules aren't followed. Honestly, how would you feel if some foreigners moved into your house, told you that they had a right to be there, and also expected you to learn their language in order to make their life easier. That is exactly how we feel when millions of Spanish-speakers come to the United States, form Spanish-speaking communities, generally refuse to assimilate, and then demand that our government provide services in their language.(5) Don't confuse our natural repugnance at this extremely rude behavior with some sort of xenophobia, because it is nothing of the kind. If an Irishman was squatting on your lawn and wouldn't leave, and the government wouldn't do anything about it (except denounce you as a vigilante if you tried to do anything), your natural anger at the Irishman for his behavior and at the government for aiding and abetting that behavior does not mean you hate, or fear the Irish.

    If you want to see what xenophobia and hatred of immigrants looks like, turn your attention to Mexico. The Associated Press has run a story about exactly how the Mexican government treats immigrants to that country -- and it isn't pretty, even if one is a legal immigrant:

    In Mexico, nonnatives are banned from thousands of jobs.

    They can't hold seats in either house of the congress. They're also banned from state legislatures, the Supreme Court and all governorships. Many states ban foreign-born Mexicans from spots on town councils. And Mexico's Constitution reserves almost all federal posts, and any position in the military and merchant marine, for natives.

    Since at least 2003, the Mexican government has encouraged cities to ban nonnatives from such local jobs as firefighters, police and judges.(6)

    And that's how the legal ones are treated. An illegal immigrant to Mexico can forget about being treated as a human being:

    Many of the illegals in Mexico, who emigrate from Central and South America, complain of "double dangers" of extortion by Mexican authorities and robbery and killings by organized gangs.

    The State Department's Human Rights Practices report, released only last month, cites abuses at all levels of the Mexican government, and charges that Mexican police and immigration officials not only violate the rights of illegal immigrants, but traffic in illegal aliens.(7)

    I think that Mexico should be silent on our treatment of illegal aliens. The People of these United States want them detained and then deported to their country of origin. Mexico treats them as feral livestock. Anyone who gives credence to Mexico's demands regarding our immigration policy isn't paying attention. Any United States Senator or Representative who listens to Mexico should promptly be booted from office. We need to take special note of which Congress-critters are Mexican lackeys and remind everyone of it next time they come up for re-election.


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    Blogger samrocha said...

    Hi, I found your blog on a blog search, I enjoyed looking through your blog I will be back to look through the archives, I recently posted on Fox’s visit too, feel free to come and share in the dialogue…

    5/24/2006 4:13 PM  

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