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    Friday, September 02, 2005

    I Ask of Public Officials Two Things Only: Leadership and Competence

    Why is good government so hard to come by? I am watching the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and am flatly astonished by the lack of leadership being provided by our alleged government.

    I have a simple question. How is it that our leaders can manage to send men and materials thousands of miles overseas to conquer distant lands and defend foreign peoples, and to aid Tsunami victims in nations that don't even like us very much (all at the expense of the American people), and yet can't even get water to the victims of what is being cited as the most devistating natural disaster in US history?

    President Bush, who I used to think of as at least an okay leader, is not showing any leadership accumen at all, in my estimation. A true leader would have sent in the army by now to serve in a relief capacity, and the national guard to assist law enforcemnt. As for the effect this has had on energy production, a true leader would have signed executive orders allowing energy exploration in areas of this country currently considered off limits. But then again, a true leader would actually defend the borders of this country against invasion. This president has never, ever done that. In a way, he cares more about Mexicans than he does about you and I.

    It's time for a revolution. Something is rotten in the state of the Union. Time to take out the trash. We have to get rid of all of these politicians. They are pooisoning our country and we will die if something is not done. In the next election, I want to see local police officers, mechanics, convenience store managers, plumbers, electricians, firefighters, and working people generally take over national offices. If we don't banish the professional political class, we will die. Look at the Gulf coast. The body politic is already very ill. Do you think this would have happened 40 years ago? No. Because we weren't afraid to do the right thing back then. Now we are, because we are afraind to assume responsibility (blame) if things go wrong -- our so-called government, aided by professional trial lawyers (leeches) is all too happy to put you in jail for taking bold action if things don't turn out for the best.

    * * *

    Sorry I haven't been posting for awhile. Been very busy.

    Quick note: I do not approve of Blogger's new 'Flag' button. I am seriously considering using a different host for my blog.


    Blogger JoeSixPack said...

    Asking or expecting competency and leadership from ‘public’ officials is probably a bit optimistic. I would lower my expectations a bit to relieve some of the frustrations you are feeling.

    I agree we need a revolution. Not a revolution in the traditional sense, but rather a revolution in how we think about government services. The bottom line is the ‘public’ sector needs to simply go away. The private sector, ‘price gougers’ NOT excluded, would do a much better job in New Orleans in managing this crisis and/or preventing it in the first place.

    Democratic elections have led up to this fiasco in New Orleans and Iraq and I seriously doubt whether future elections will alter the political path. Whether we are talking about the right wing or left wing, both wings are still part of the same political bird of prey flying in the same general direction crapping on everything below its flight path. If you vote with your hand out, don’t look up with your mouth open.

    I agree the body politic is very ill, but I think it just needs to die a natural death versus trying to resuscitate it. When we cry out and beseech ‘public’ officials and politicians to do our bidding, we get exactly what we deserve and to the glee of those lip licking bureaucrats and politicians who feel they were born to rule. Anyone who would aspire to rule over others isn’t fit for the job. Self-rule will be our salvation, but few people today are willing to accept the inherent responsibility that comes with it. Self-rule has been delegated, by default and neglect, to the least capable and most despicable.

    Clinton’s famous words, “It’s the economy, stupid”, were right on target when describing the lethargy and intelligence of the average voter. As long as voters JoeSixPack and SuzieSUV have beer in the fridge and fuel in the gas tank, life is good. I think the ‘good life’ is about to come to a screeching halt and Clinton’s famous words will haunt Bush and his successor well beyond the end of their terms as President. The irony is the stage was set for Clinton’s economic successes and Bush’s failures long before either of them assumed their positions.

    9/02/2005 6:29 AM  

    Blogger Scriptor said...

    You really should read the book America, by Jon Stewart, probably the greatest most recent compilation of politics. There are those who believe local and state officials should act first and bear the brunt. That it is natural for the national government to be delayed. This just proves how long our country has been messed up. It's ridiculous how an emergency aid bill has to be passed like a law. Can't we just give them the money? Do we really need to go through a vote when all those people are homeless and starving?

    Thanks for the comment, but I don't think I'll stop at Verizon. I'll try to get a real host where I can have as much control as possible. If you want something good and not too expensive, try Bravenet. You get a lot of stuff for just $4.95/month, I think that comes with your own domain, but I'm not sure.

    Either way, best regards,
    (you should change you comments to allow non-Blogger people to comment)

    9/03/2005 1:12 PM  

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