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    Sunday, December 04, 2005

    Aeons Old War Heats Up: Bacteria threat on the rise

    A lethal bacteria which surfaces in people being treated with antibiotics is spreading in North America and has grown resistant to drugs, according to two studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

    More than anything, I view this blog as a public service. I try to bring you information that is useful to you -- share with you things you need to know. This is pretty important. Ever since there have been humans, there have been bacteria that try to kill us. In this since, we are at war. Constantly. Against an enemy that we cannot see. Since we cannot see them and they do not communicate with us, we assume that this war does not exist. But it is being waged all the time. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Harmful bacteria are always trying to do us in. And they have the advantage. They can mutate and adapt to new environmental conditions at great speeds. Three years of natural selection among them can be like tens of thousands of years (or more) for humans. We are slow. Even our most advanced medicine is failing. Chemical warfare only works if your opponent cannot adapt to the new conditions created by the chemical. Bacteria can so adapt, and have.

    So what can we do? Well, we do have allies in this war. Unfortunately, we have a tendency to kill off our allies with friendly fire. There are all sorts of beneficial bacteria that live on and in the human body. These fight with our immune system against the hostile bacteria -- think of your immune system as the Roman army and your symbiotic bacteria as auxiliaries (barbarian military units fighting with the legions against the hostile barbarians), and the malignant bacteria as the barbarian hordes. In this analogy, the legions and the auxiliaries are best suited to fight the battle, but we (the distant government) know better. We like to deploy chemical weapons that kill the enemy, the auxiliaries, and even soldiers of the legions. The trouble is, the enemy is always on the march and can reinfect a host before the auxiliaries and the legions have the opportunity to replenish their numbers after a chemical weapon (antibiotic) is deployed.

    What is going on here is the more we rely on our technology, the more resistant hostile bacteria becomes to it. This is the epitome of natural selection. So not only are we depleted of friendly bacteria after using anti-bacterial products, but the new armies of hostile bacteria are more resistant to our chemical weapons. The body is left with no effective defense. That is why so many people are getting so sick.

    The solution? Cut down on the anti-bacterial products you use. You are always touching new bacteria with your hands. Your symbiotic bacteria will fight and weaken a newly introduced hostile bacteria before your immune system ever has to deal with it. If you use anti-bacterial soap, the good bacteria is also killed. So what happens when a new hostile bacteria is introduced to your hand? It meets no resistance and your immune system has to fight it off at full strength.

    My advice: Our chemical weapons (in the war against bacteria) are losing their effectiveness. So stop killing our allies. Avoid anti-bacterial handsoap. Let the friendly bacteria on your hands help you. Just wash your hands well; it's the bad bacteria that needs extra filth to propagate -- the friendly bacteria lives naturally off of your body. Clean, but not anti-bacterial hands give your bacteria the advantage. Also, consider increasing your garlic intake. Keeping garlic in your bloodstream will create a harmful environment for malignant bacteria.

    This is all the advice I can offer. Please take it. Don't be part of the super-bug problem; be part of the solution.


    Anonymous scriptor said...

    I have to aggree with you, when I was still a young kid I never really took many drugs at all. The result? I haven't been sick enough to stay out of school for years. These days parents always seem to panic when a kid gets a little rash,and take them to the doctor, after which they stuff the kid with tons of medicine they probably don't need. Their should be a program that teaches people that you do not always have to go to the doctor for everything.

    12/04/2005 6:14 PM  

    Blogger David Schantz said...

    I'm glad I stopped in tonight. Very interesting and well done post. I have a family member that needs to read it and the link. I also want to thank you for the Fair Tax link you left at my site. It is something I supported anyway but the link is useful.

    God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

    12/06/2005 2:22 AM  

    Blogger David Schantz said...

    I just stopped by to tell you that I have now posted a Public Service Announcement. This one is about a missing person. She, and her family need your help.

    God Bless america, God Save The Republic.

    12/07/2005 1:47 AM  

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    --Samuel Adams

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