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    Friday, April 01, 2005

    Mexico Prepares to Commit an Act of War Against the United States: What is Bush prepared to do about it?

    Story dated 31 March 2005

    "[NEWSMAX] Mexico's President Vicente Fox is preparing to respond militarily to a group of U.S volunteers who plan to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border starting tomorrow, positioning more than a thousand troops nearby, according to an Arizona TV station.

    'The Mexican military is on standby,' reports NBC's Tucson affiliate KVOA. 'One unit has about a thousand soldiers. They're located just across the border.'"

    The Mexican Military is on standby. Standby for what, exactly? What is the Mexican army going to do if, say a brawl breaks out between the Minutemen and Mexican citizens illegally entering the United States? Are they going to provide cover fire for the illegal immigrants? Classify the Minutemen as a military target? The Minutemen are there to enforce our border because our delinquent government refuses to do so. What is the Mexican army doing there? They are not there to detain people illegally trying to cross into the United States (which is interesting because Fox claims that Mexico doesn't have the manpower to enforce their side of the border). Since Bush's ole pal Vicente Fox claims that the Minutemen are a criminal group, and since he "is preparing to respond militarily" to them, I can only assume that the Mexican army is there to facilitate illegal border-crossers. That, in itself, should be considered an act of war and the United States should respond by deploying the National Guard to the southern border (that is what a 'National Guard' is for, is it not?). If the Mexican army opens fire from across the border with intent to intimidate or target United States nationals on United States soil, that is an act of war on its face. The question is, what is your government prepared to do about it? How 'bout it, Mr. Bush. You're awfully keen about defending the Iraqi border with our troops and resources. Would you care to, oh. . . I don't know, perhaps DEFEND OUR BORDER FOR A CHANGE!!!???

    If this situation doesn't bother you, don't do anything. Especially don't vote in the next election. However, if this situation does bother you, there is a link to the left that will send you to a web site that will tell you how to contact Congress or the President.


    Blogger Scriptor said...

    I have no idea what Fox has in mind, does he think that the U.S. people are going to be too afraid to fight in both here and Iraq. Now, if this does lead to a military conflict, right now it would most likely be between American civilians and the Mexican army. Bush really needs to send actual troops there. If American civilians die, things could get really ugly, also, I am not so sure the Minutemen are well-enough trained to fight an actual military unit in an engagement.
    National Guard, anybody notice the word NATIONAL in there, if it belongs to the U.S., isn't this its NATION and not Iraq.

    4/01/2005 6:34 PM  

    Blogger The Sovereign Editor said...

    It is my understanding that the Minuteman Project itself does not train its volunteers in combat and tactics. Some of them bring such experience with them (ex-law enforcement; WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf War vets; and so forth), but their mandate is not to engage in armed enforcement actions. Their weapons (those who carry -- only some do) are for self defense only. Their mission is to observe border crossings and alert the Border Patrol. Given this, Fox's hysterical opposition to them makes him either crazy, or crazy like a fox (maybe he has reason to beleive that, if he can get his version broadcast in the media for long enough, the Americans will buy it and take care of the Minutemen for him).

    4/01/2005 7:55 PM  

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